Deciduous Forests


Deciduous Forests (aka, Hardwood Forests) are among the most important natural environments for sound designers to master, owing to the fact that most of our audiences reside at temperate latitudes, home to the sounds of deciduous forests. This collection is especially rich with songbird and insect ambiences. Many sound files have a pronounced forest acoustic– the echo or afterlife of the original sound–that characterizes these natural cathedrals. Winter, spring, summer, or fall, you’ll have ample ingredients to assemble just the right combination of sounds to satisfy even the most demanding sound design. All 192 sound files from North America (more than six hours) have smart metadata with geographic location and species ID (SoundMiner® readable). In addition, there are two valuable guides. Sound Designing with Deciduous Forests provides helpful instructions on how to use soundscape pyramids to build authentic soundscapes quickly and meet production deadlines. How to Record Deciduous Forests is filled with professional advice on how to create clean and pristine nature recordings.

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192 .wav files (24 bit / 48kHz)