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Riparian Zones

Riparian Zones are areas bordering flowing water. These areas sound differently from the forests, prairies, or other habitats that lay inland. Increased biodiversity, microclimate stability, and acoustic competition for wildlife from the sounds of flowing water combine to provide Nature’s ultimate performance hall. Stop simply adding water to your habitat ambiences and use Riparian Zones instead to produce incredible spaces. These meticulously recorded soundscapes were collected from North America (79), Central America (10), South America (22) and Asia (21). Both temperate and tropical environments are represented to accommodate most design needs. Included are two helpful guides: Sound Designing with Riparian Zones and How to Record Riparian Zones. Metadata provides valuable information such as species ID, event description and geographic location (SoundMiner® readable).
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Product Details

Price: $249.00 ($269.00 with usb)
Release Date: 8/23/2016
Specs: 132 .wav files (24 bit / 48kHz)
Length: > 13.5 hrs
Format: Digital Download or USB

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