Quiet Planet®


Deserts are quieter than any other habitat type, owing to naturally high atmospheric attenuation rates and a pronounced absence of echoes. This makes for a perfect setting to emotionally challenge your audiences with sound design strategies unique to this habitat, even omitting sounds of distant visual events. This hard-earned collection of pristine desert sounds was acquired over three decades from North America (92 files) and Africa (63 files). Included are two helpful guides: Sound Designing with Deserts and How to Record Deserts. Metadata provides valuable information such as species ID, event description and geographic location. (SoundMiner® readable).
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Product Details

Price: $199.00 ($219.00 with usb)
Release Date: 6/14/2016
Specs: 155 .wav files (24 bit / 48kHz)
Length: > 9.5 hrs
Format: Digital Download or USB

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