Quiet Planet®

Quiet Planet® Licenses

Individual License

This is the only license available from the Quiet Planet website. You have the right to use Quiet Planet® sounds in any project you work on, provided that you abide by the license agreement. Example: You provide game audio to another business.

Multi-User License

Your business may allow multiple users (employees and contractors), to add Quiet Planet® sounds to your products per negotiated terms, conditions, limitations and fees. All resulting products retain a perpetual right to use sounds. Contact sales@quietplanet.com

Academic License

Faculty and students may use Quiet Planet® sounds in any non-commercial product. Contact sales@quietplanet.com

Museum License

You may use Quiet Planet® sounds in products that contain nature audio without the requirement of an additional element (e.g., music or voice). Example: You provide North American prairie ambience to a diorama at a natural history museum. Contact sales@quietplanet.com